Belt and pulley

Belts are essential components for the transmission of motion.
They are extremely widespread in industry, especially V-belts:
They are found on pumps, alternators, automobile engines, generators, etc.
Connecting two pulleys provided for this purpose, they allow the transmission of movement as soon as a tension is applied thanks to the friction generated

The best quality, at the best leadtime

The lifespan of the belts depends strongly on the assembly, the selection but also on the intrinsic quality of the product. This is the reason why ALPHATEAM only works with the leaders in the field.

Present in more than 30 countries, including Belgium, the OPTIBELT group has been producing transmission belts for generations according to the highest quality standards, which makes it possible to meet the most severe requirements.

In addition, ALPHATEAM enjoys a fruitful collaboration with SKF, a leader in bearings and transmission parts. ALPHATEAM can thus supply a wide range of belts within a few hours from the European stock of SKF based in Tongeren.

A selection adapted to each application

Thanks to its partnerships, ALPHATEAM is able to quickly supply any type of belt, as well as their associated components: pulleys for V-belts, toothed belts, poly-V, clamping hubs, etc.

Among the different types of belts, we mainly find V-belts, offering an ideal compromise in terms of traction, speed, bearing load as well as in terms of service life. Synchronous belts are also available for a zero-slip transmission, and therefore maintenance-free.

A crucial stage in belt assembly, tension calculation is now made easier by means of frequency measuring devices: there is no longer any risk of applying incorrect tension during assembly. Interested? Request a free demonstration from our transmission expert now

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1120 8MDC 12 OPTIBELTOPTIBELT109.23 €1
22 x 2360 OPTIBELTOPTIBELT64.48 €3
25 x 1600 OPTIBELTOPTIBELT53.57 €2
25 x 1700 OPTIBELTOPTIBELT56.42 €2
35X45X7 BASL NBRNBR4.05 €5
890 5M 25 OPTIBELTOPTIBELT31.31 €2
PHG A100 SKFSKF10.58 €1
PHG A101 SKFSKF10.83 €1
PHG A102 SKFSKF10.83 €1
PHG A103 SKFSKF10.91 €1
PHG A104 SKFSKF11.10 €2
PHG A105 SKFSKF11.18 €2
PHG A107 SKFSKF11.45 €2
PHG A108 SKFSKF11.45 €2
PHG A110 SKFSKF11.73 €2
PHG A112 SKFSKF12.05 €3