Industrial seals play a fundamental role in the service life of equipment.
They provide the necessary protection against contaminants and in some cases also ensure good retention of lubricant in the bearings.
When necessary, they can be custom made to choose the optimum material and dimensions for the working conditions.

An extensive catalog of standard rings, from stock

ALPHATEAM works with the greatest specialists in the sector to guarantee you a fast and flawless supply of all your types of waterproofing:

- Radial sealing rings
- V-Ring seals
- Axial seals
- O-ring and X-rings seals
- Piston seals

Innovative solutions to go further

We collaborate with our partner LATTY to offer you value-added solutions when standards require it (FDA certification) or when working conditions become harsh: agro-food, quarries, sugar factories, etc. So many sectors for which LATTY and ALPHATEAM can provide high-end trims for extended life.

Need a review, or an ATEX compliance?
LATTY and ALPHATEAM engineers offer you complete studies for:

- Revision of your mechanical seals and cartridge seals
- Compliance of boxes and cassettes

Static mechanical seals

Whether permanent, flat or toric, LATTY and ALPHATEAM offer solutions that can cover a wide range of applications: chemistry, food, oxygen, petrochemicals, stationery, etc. In addition :

- Aramid, carbon-graphite or PTFE impregnated sealing braid
- Stamped rings for industrial valves
- Seal sheets and cut seals
- Custom gaskets for manholes and manholes

Rotating mechanical seals

Rotating machines regularly work under very harsh conditions, and at the same time, must offer flawless availability. This is the reason why ALPHATEAM is committed to determining with you the solution combining all the necessary criteria:

- Multi-industry two-component seals
- Compensated / uncompensated mechanical seals for centrifugal pumps
- Breakable or optimized seals for abrasive fluid
- Cartridge seal approved for food, FDA or ATEX

Sealing defects: More than 15% of bearing damage

About 15% of premature bearing damage is attributed to leaks: contamination of the lubricant, mixtures of immiscible substances, oil leaks from the bearing, ....
Something to think seriously about the choice (or questioning) of the type of waterproofing.

Have you noticed a questionable bearing pattern after damage?
Contact our transmission expert to establish a diagnosis and detect a possible failure related to the good sealing performance.

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INA99.00 €200
INA1.00 €258
100X130X13 BA NBRNBR7.85 €4
100X4 OR VITON (BLACK)6.00 €2
101,2X3,53 OR EPDM 700.75 €63
105X125X10 BASL NBR6.69 €8
105X125X12 BASL NBR7.85 €5
107,5X3,5 OR VITON 80 (BROWN)4.28 €5
10X18X6 BA NBRNBR0.94 €49
10X19X7 BA NBRNBR0.86 €54
110X130X12 BA NBRNBR7.85 €12
110X140X12 BASL NBRNBR9.42 €4
110X140X13 BASL NBR9.42 €1
123,5X3,5 OR VITON 80 (BLACK)4.71 €8
125X150X12 BASL NBRNBR11.78 €8
129,8X3,53 OR EPDM 701.12 €42
130X150X15 BASL NBRNBR11.78 €1
145X180X15 BASL NBRNBR15.70 €23
14X35X5 BA NBR1.18 €16